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Rachel Coleman, LMFT (she/her)

eating disorders, perinatal mood disorders, personality disorders, perfectionism

I am originally from New Jersey but moved to sunny Southern California to earn my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Since my freshman year of college, I’ve had a calling to work with those who are struggling with eating disorders. My passion for helping people is fueled by a deep empathy for people, especially women, who hurt their bodies as they work through their self-doubt, traumas and self-esteem issues.


This passion and calling lead me to earn my Marriage and Family Therapy (#48782) license in the state of California, where I concentrated on Eating Disorders in my studies. I immediately began employment at an Eating Disorder treatment center in Long Beach where I spent five years as a Recovery Coach, Primary Therapist and Program Director. I have since taken that experience into my private practice, where I have been practicing for 15 years and treated hundreds of clients in the community, becoming a trusted referral source for pediatricians, endocrinologists, school counselors, and nutritionists. 


I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Approved Consultant (Supervisor) through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP), expertly trained to treat even the most challenging presentations of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. In order to support the underlying root causes of eating disorders, I have completed a certification course in Dialectical Behavior Therapist (DBT), have a certification of completion for Perinatal Mood Disorders, and am a certified Intuitive Eating Pro. I held a position on the Board of the Orange County chapter of IAEDP from 2011-2016.  I am continuously researching, consulting, and learning more about eating disorders so I can remain fresh, informed and confident in my healing approach.

I enjoy working with clients who are learning how to understand their bodies unique communication styles and needs, however that is presenting itself. I work with Perinatal Mood Disorders and support new parents in their journey to ground their thoughts and physical bodies, neurodivergent clients who are learning coping skills to calm overstimulated sensory syustems, and clients whose attachment disruptions has led to borderline personality development or low emotional regulation. I love helping people learn to understand themselves and find peace in their process. 


I founded Monarch Rising Therapy and Nutrition Services to expand the offerings for quality and compassionate Eating Disorder care to South Orange County. We offer multiple therapy modalities through traditional talk therapy, creative and expressive therapies, and collaborative nutrition counseling in order to give each client the personalized care they deserve in their healing process. Our team has a variety of expertises driven by their own healing journeys and passions for aiding clients to find the freedom to rise up from the internal pain that has kept them from being able to embrace their true selves for way too long. We adamantly defy diet culture fundamentals and believe in radical body inclusivity, allyship, and continued learning from our clients lived experiences. We believe that therapy can lead to a beautiful metamorphosis so clients can live authentically!



call: 949.346.1672

Instagram: @monarchrisingtherapy

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Rachel Coleman, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

California #48782

Texas #205255

Arizona #16030

Nevada #4695-R


Ashlee Williams, APCC (she/her)

eating disorders, trauma healing, female empowerment, mindfulness practices

I grew up in central California and graduated from Colorado Technical University with my Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management. I spent the first years of my professional life pursuing a nursing career, but after a time of self-reflection I realized my true passion was in supporting clients in their mental health. 


After receiving my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University and interning at a psychiatric clinic, I decided to switch gears and focus on outpatient counseling. I specialize in trauma treatment, mood  and anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. I utilize a client-centered approach with TF-CBT, DBT, and REBT treatment techniques. I like to integrate a mindfulness approach to help strengthen the connection between the mind and body. My passion for women’s health is supported by my use of feminist counseling theories. I believe that every client is the expert of their own experience, so my goal is to be the copilot on their journey. 

I am passionate about supporting clients in the LGBTQIA+ population who have experienced trauma or painful childhood experiences that may be impacting their relationship with their body and food. I am a military spouse and work with other military members and their families to support their mental health journey, have training and a niche with first responders and those who have experienced trauma in their line of work, as well as Victims of Crime. Whether or not an ED is also present, I would love to work with you if you identify with one of these as your presenting reason for therapy.

In my work with clients, respect, empathy, and a non-judgmental approach are my priority. I am dedicated to providing a safe and secure space for my clients to find their voice and compassion for themselves. Therapy can be a difficult yet worthwhile process, so I work collaboratively with my clients to help them find what that process looks like for them. 


Outside of therapy, I enjoy reading, traveling, cooking, and spending time with my family and pets. I also make sure to incorporate my own mindfulness and self care practices into my daily routine to make sure that I can be there for my clients in the way that they deserve. 

call: 949.391.7291

Ashlee Williams, APCC is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #13717

supervised by Rachel Coleman, LMFT 48782

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