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Monarch Rising is an outpatient group of compassionate and personable therapists expertly trained to support clients in healing from anxiety, depression, low self worth, and eating disorders

I would love to be your therapist!


I have been practicing therapy for over a decade and it is my greatest joy to walk alongside clients and their loved ones as they identify what is no longer serving them and begin to find themselves. As my practice as grown due to my connections in the community trusting me with referrals and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our collective mental health, I have been delighted to find strong, authentic therapists to join me in this work. The "we" of Monarch Rising are individual clinicians working one on one with each client while aligning with the values of transforming, healing, and rising through therapy.


If you have been searching for a down-to-earth therapist that is personable, real, and a breath of fresh air but will challenge you by being clinically sound and direct, then you have found the right place!


We use authentic connection, humor, deep thinking, and hands-on interventions to treat the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the mind-body disconnect that occurs in mental health challenges. We believe that through empathy, creative therapies, and proven psychological modalities, recovery and empowered living is possible.


Our approach is to help each client transform from patterns that are no longer working by healing the underlying issues that are contributing to those patterns. As you find space from the self-destructive thinking, patterns, and relationships, you will begin to rise up to live to your full potential. We truly believe that inner peace and confidence are possible: our goal is to help you find your true SELF. 

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transform. heal. rise.


Monarch Rising

We offer in person therapy services serving south Orange County where we have two beautiful therapy rooms for individual and family sessions as well as a separate expressive arts room for creative, hands on interventions. We treat clients through HIPAA compliant Telehealth platforms virtually in the states of California and Texas.

Our therapists have a wide variety of specialties including neurodivergence, perinatal mood disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, attachment wounds, relationship distress, identify development, adolescent struggles, and low sense of self. 

We provide therapy from a social justice orientation because we believe that it is important to understand how our identities, the environments we grew up in and currently exist in, and the cultural messages from our families, and society at large, impact us. We adamantly defy diet culture fundamentals and believe in radical body inclusivity, allyship, and continued learning from our clients lived experiences. We believe that therapy can lead to a beautiful metamorphosis so clients can live authentically!

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Meet Our Team
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Rachel Coleman, LMFT


Meg McGuire-Jensen, LMFT


Ashlee Williams, APCC

We will start with a full intake assessment followed by in-session process work. We spend time coming up with a personalized treatment plan that may involve family when possible.

We offer comfortable, serene rooms with various seating options for individuals and families. Our art therapy rooms allow us to offer expressive art therapies and sand tray therapy.

We have two main philosophies for eating disorders therapy. Various therapy modalities are used (read more more) as well as nutrition counseling and guidance.

Our Mission

Why Choose Monarch Rising?

We believe that full recovery and peace with food, your body, and yourself, is possible. Our mission is to use:

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Evidence Based Theories

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Clinical Interventions

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Art and Creative Therapies

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Humor and Connection



Contact us today for your free consult:

all intake calls and emails go directly to Rachel Coleman, LMFT who will help you assess your needs and availability to match you with a therapist. All of us have unique strengths and specialties and our goal is to help you find the perfect teammate for your journey!

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