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transform. heal. rise.

Monarch Rising is an outpatient group of compassionate and personable therapists expertly trained to support clients in healing from anxiety, depression, low self worth, and eating disorders


We offer evidence based and creative therapy as well as nutritional counseling tailored to meet each client where they are in their journey of transforming from patterns that are no longer working, healing the underlying issues that are contributing to those patterns, and rising up to live to their full potential. 

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Monarch Rising

No matter what you have therapy hopes for addressing, our approaches take in proven modalities and turn them into concrete therapies, goals and interventions in order for you to feel hopeful, empowered and a part of the journey.

Our therapists have a wide variety of specialties including neurodivergence, perinatal mood disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, attachment wounds, relationship distress, identify development, adolescent struggles, and low sense of self. 

We provide therapy from a social justice orientation because we believe that it is important to understand how our identities, the environments we grew up in and currently exist in, and the cultural messages from our families, and society at large, impact us. We adamantly defy diet culture messaging and celebrate all bodies and abilities. We believe that therapy can lead to a beautiful metamorphosis so clients can live authentically! All of our therapists are LGBTQ+ affirming, HAES aligned, and neurodivergent affirming!

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Meet Our Team
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Rachel Coleman, LMFT

Stacie Fanelli, LCSW

Meg McGuire, AMFT

Ashlee Williams, APCC

Nesreen Khouraki, RD

We will start with a full intake assessment followed by in-session process work. We spend time coming up with a personalized treatment plan that may involve family when possible.

We offer comfortable, serene rooms with various seating options for individuals and families. Our art therapy rooms allow us to offer expressive art therapies and sand tray therapy.

We have two main philosophies for eating disorders therapy. Various therapy modalities are used (read more more) as well as nutrition counseling and guidance.

Our Mission

Why Choose Monarch Rising?

We believe that full recovery and peace with food, your body, and yourself, is possible. Our mission is to use:

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Evidence Based Theories

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Clinical Interventions

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Art and Creative Therapies

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Humor and Connection



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